New Skyline Parkway Roundabout
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Current Street Projects

17th Street Reconstruction

Complete road reconstruction from Wall Avenue westward to the Ogden City boundary.  This includes a new waterline from the railroad to the west end of the project, as well as new sidewalk and new curb & gutter.

Contract awarded to: Skyview Excavation & Grading  801-829-6524    Status:  85% Complete

Skyline Parkway Extension

Construction of a segment of Skyline Parkway that will connect Skyline as it runs from the roundabout above Weber State University to the south length of the parkway which extends from 4600 South all the way to Highway 89 in South Ogden.  This includes new sidewalk, curb & gutter and utilities.

Contract awarded to: Staker-Parson Co.  801-731-1111     Status:  90% Complete

Current Water Projects

Current Sewer Projects

27th Street (Phase 1)

Replacement of sanitary sewer main from Quincy Ave. to Jefferson Ave.

Contract awarded to:
 Associated Brigham Contractors  435-723-8529      Status: 99% Complete 

Upcoming Street Projects

36th & Quincy Intersection Reconstruction

Complete intersection reconstruction at 36th Street and Quincy Ave.  This includes work on the water main and the sanitary sewer main, as well as new traffic signals.

Anticipated Completion: Fall 2018

1100 North Reconstruction

Reconstruction of 1100 North Street from Washington Blvd to Monroe Blvd.  Includes new water main and new sewer main.

Anticipated Completion: Fall 2018

Grant Avenue Promenade Extension

Extending the Grant Avenue Promenade from 22nd Street to 25th Street.  This includes work on the water main and the sanitary sewer main.

Anticipated Completion: Fall 2018

Upcoming Utility Projects


36th Street & Quincy Ave - Water Main Replacement
Grant Avenue - Water Main Replacement from 22nd Street to 24th Street
1100 North St. - Water Main Replacement from Washington Blvd to Monroe Blvd


14th Street (Phase 2)
- Sewer Main replacement from Jefferson Ave. to Lincoln Ave.
27th Street (Phase 2) - Sewer Main replacement from Adams Ave. to Washington Blvd

Grant Avenue (slip lining) - from 23rd Street to 25th Street 
7th Street (slip lining) - from Liberty Avenue to Melody Lane
25th Street (slip lining) - from Madison Avenue to Jefferson Avenue
Orchard Avenue (slip lining) - from 25th Street to 26th Street
Liberty Avenue (slip lining) - from 32nd Street to 3275 South.
Pennsylvania Ave (slip lining) - from 3050 South to railroad bridge (app. 3000 South)

Storm Drain: